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DNSKong is a personal caching-only psuedoDNS server. DNSKong only serves the localhost. No machine from the outside world will be able to use your DNSKong. It uses the file, as rules for matching DNS queries to the local IP address, The rule heuristic for this version is first "complete- dotted-octet". Forum discussion: I use and would recommend everyone to try Pyrenean's DNSKong program. It's is a free and small in lenght ( KB) personal caching, filtering and blocking so-called psuedo-DNS server application for Windows. It is quite similar to hosts-file b. 9 Aug Recently moved from Windows to Ubuntu. I depended on DnsKong under Windows. I Want DnsKong for Ububtu box, can't find site/email for pyrenean: Can anyone help?.

First, download my copy of Pyrenean's DNSKong unless you use Windows or XP. Make sure to save it as "\DNSKEXE" (With the quotation marks!.) Do this exactly as it appears here. (Geocities forced it to be called dnskBIN, which is not correct.)(Note: I have virus-scanned it and so has Geocities. Now, find. Whoa, back up there, pardner. Useless? I don't quite think so. In the most simple case, you at least get a visual indication that a request to some site was blocked. In the best of times, eDexter should also be telling you what it blocked. Beside, if it's useless, then why is it running on your machine?:o <_<:P. Hey folks - I am a bit confused So today when I was setting my computer for use with DNSKong program, i.e., changing configuration settings under Windows -- Internet Options (see the The "neat application I stumbled across on the web" thread thread and my post under Posted Mar 30, PM.

when configureing dns kong with windows xp behind a nat router, what address do you put in the tcp/ip dns property? if i try it doesnt work?. Kong. Kong is a powerful proxy built on nginx. By taking a request and passing it to an upstream server and then returning the result to the client Kong can perform his magic. To know which requests go to which service Kong looks for a Host header to match against. There's a few other ways Kong can match requests to. 3 Apr Has anyone here tried DNSKong? If so, what are your thoughts? Is it good for reducing the size of the HOSTS file, for instance? Are there any.


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