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'A real temple in Bangkok,Thailand!' 'SUPER SAIYAN GOD GOKU vs SUPERMAN Watch fight here: http://bit. 'Admit it!' 'Push yourself to the limit!' Timeline Photos. 18 photos. Dragonball Z's photo. 'Fusion sharpie tattoo by Erik Ordorica lol'. 'By: Francel Rossouw Dragonball Z's photo. So a long time ago I was able to find scans of it but never finished the series so I was wondering if you guys have any idea as to where I could. Dragon Ball AF (Toyble Version) is a fan made sequel to the Dragon Ball series taking place.

A description of tropes appearing in Dragon Ball AF (Toyble). A long time ago, Dragon Ball GT finished. After that, the Dragon Ball franchise didn't receive . A page for describing YMMV: Dragon Ball AF (Toyble). Crowning Moment of Awesome: Unlike the canon version of Shin, Kibito Kai actually becomes a badass by . 5 Apr Re: Dragon Ball AF Toyble. Postby Raykugen» Sat Apr 06, pm. Vegeta AF wrote: I didn't know there was a one thread per doujinshi rule. I just wanted to start the conversation about his next book. Doujinshi rule? There is a thread per "Bassically the same" rule. Do you want NEW GENERATION.

I've been working on an English version of Toyble's Dragon Ball AF doujinshi since If you'd like to know more about Dragon Ball AF check out the Kanzenshuu Rumor Guide. You can also listen to Kanzenshuu Podcast # to hear me talk about the project. Thanks to everyone who's helped out over at the. Xicor, also known as Zaiko, is a character from Toyble's fan-made sequel to Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball AF [1]. Because Dragon Ball AF is a fan-made manga, it is not considered canon by the majority of Dragon Ball fans. In the Dragon Ball AF manga.


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