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Hull speed or displacement speed is the speed at which the wavelength of the boat's bow wave (in displacement mode) is equal to the boat length. As boat. Crunching Numbers: Hull Speed & Boat Length. Aside from its displacement, which we discussed. By Charles Doane. March 26, Sailboat moving at hull . For a displacement boat, a heavy deep-keel boat, the maximum speed a given hull can attain from wind power is called "hull speed" and is largely dependent on .

For any displacement hull of a given length there's a maximum hullspeed; the longer the waterline length, the quicker the boat. Here's how it works. More seriously, hull-speed is a bit of nebulous concept - it is simply "the speed at which drag forces start to increase rapidly". The constant in. 1 Dec Waterline length is an important factor but is not the ultimate controlling factor of hull speed, but your friend is correct, all things being equal a.

Welcome to HullSpeed®, home of the unique and revolutionary line of eco- friendly high performance marine coatings. HullSpeed® marine bottom paints are . Displacement hull speed is an important indicator of how fast a displacement- type boat will go. I got tired of looking for my calculator, so I made up this handy.


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