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Save Comp As Project exports any of your compositions as a new projects. It automatically reduces exported projects and collects files!. Dave's approach is what I use as well. unfortunately there is no way to export a composition or import just a single composition from a project to another project. there is this script for exporting a composition from an existing project: Save Comp As Project 2 - aescripts + aeplugins - but it has. I know this is a little too late, but a note for others who follow. Two ways: 1) Save a copy, select the highest level Comp you want in Project window and then, File > Dependencies > Reduce Project. 2) Get this script: comp-as-project/.

Apr 16, Save Comp As Project v Save Comp As Project is probably one of my most popular script, and it's back with a new version on popular demand. You can now collect files while exporting an After Effects composition as a separate project. Check the introduction video below and go get it here on aescripts. Sep 6, Be sure to support other script developers that donate proceeds of their scripts to charity, including: qp Nuclear LUT by Christian Lett (% of proceeds going to Sumatran Tiger Trust charity). Story Boarding by Sébastien Perier (25% of proceeds going to Child's Play charity); Save Comp As Project 2 by. Sep 10, “The LoopMaker” (aescripts). This script loops a layer or multiple layers. Select the layer and set the in & out to where you want the loop to happen then run the script. “Save Comp as Project” (aescripts). Lets you export a composition as a New Project. Handy when you want to create a new project based on.

Link: 4. Reposition Anchor Point Author: Charles Bordenave Everyone uses anchor tool all the time. This script just makes it a one click solution. Link: 3. Save Comp As Project 2. Author: Sebastian Perier You would'nt want to re-create on those.


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