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Nanostation mac address changer

Oct 9, Easily change the MAC Address of your Ubiquiti device. Compatible: Bullet M2 / M5 / Titanium; Rocket M2 / M2 Titanium; Rocket M3 / M / M; Rocket M5. hello every one i was asking if there is way to change a nano bridge m5 MAC Address by using the command line or some apps. Oct 16, HOW TO CHANGE MAC ADDRESS FOR UBNT FIRMWARE. 1-download putty from here download. 2-open putty. 1-your ubnt ip 2-port 3-open. 3- Enter your ubnt user (ubtn) and password 4- write ifconfig. 5- now we want change wlan and lan 6- Write vi /etc/persistent/art 7- Write ifconfig ath0 down.

Feb 13, 5- now we want change wlan and lan 6- Write vi /etc/persistent/art 7- Write ifconfig ath0 down ifconfig ath0 hw ether d ifconfig ath0 up. 8- press Esc and:x 9- Enter chmod +x /etc/persistent/art. Enter cfgmtd -w -p /etc/ and press Enter. now your mac address is changer. Is there any way to change the mac address on a USG? I need to get a new IP and resetting my modem does not work. My nighthawk used to change the. Ubiquiti Networks Community airMAX airOS Software & Con guration. how to chnage nanostation 5m mac address. Reply Topic Options Previous 1 2 3 Next. the9am3 Re: how to chnage nanostation 5m mac address Options New Member AM. guys this is full command that can change mac address and.

Apr 13, AirOS mac change. How to change MAC address for the wireless connection in AirOS. SSH or Serial connection. echo "ifconfig br0 down; ifconfig wifi0 down; ifconfig ath0 down; ifconfig wifi0 hw ether ;ifconfig ath0 hw ether ; ifconfig ath0 up; ifconfig wifi0 up; ifconfig br0.


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