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Communicative language teaching activities

The communicative approach to language teaching believes that in order to learn a language, one has to practice using it to communicate meaning to others. Language learners gotta keep on talking. They gotta keep on telling people their stories, jokes and opinions. So we've got five activities for you that will do just that for. Dynamic Communicative Language Teaching Lesson Plan Ideas That Will Keep Your Students Talking. Before we explore our sample lesson plan, we will take a look at some of the different types of activities you can incorporate into your own CLT lessons. 4 Oct Chia explores how CLT and the use of tasks can increase interaction in the classroom and considers an evaluation criteria for choosing tasks. The more confidently you can answer yes to each of the above questions, the more task- like the activity. On a basic level, these criteria persuade teachers to see.

Choose from the list of communicative task templates and create an activity that is goal-directed, extended, structured, and controlled (Yule ). Goal- directed discourse means that the speaker and the listener communicate in order to accomplish a specific goal. Extended discourse requires multiple turns-at-talk. 28 Jul This was the title of a recent Cambridge English Teacher webinar given by Peter Lucantoni. What follows is a summary of what he had to say including descriptions of his five suggested activities. Communicative Language Learning ( CLL). CLL seeks to bring students beyond grammatical competence. reading or writing skills, communicative activities should be integrated into the lesson. Furthermore, research on second language acquisition (SLA) suggests that more learning takes place when students are engaged in relevant tasks within a dynamic learning environment rather than in traditional teacher-led classes.

Activities in Communicative Language Teaching are focused on students in realistic communication. The more practice and success students have using English, the better their motivation to learn. 1. Classroom management. • It is important that students have time to practise using English in the classroom. In the past. One of the big challenges that language teachers face is promoting oral language. Language teachers and learners alike often consider speaking the most difficult aspect of learning a language. In several of the case studies our teacher friends express the difficulties they have developing oral language. If we look at Anna. 3 Oct Transcript of Classroom Activities in Communicative Language Teaching. Interests CLT Classroom Activities Benefits Exposure to Target Language. Classroom Activities in Communicative Language Teaching Communicative Competence Information-Gap Pair or Group Work BENEFITS The classroom is a .


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