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In Scourge of War: Antietam, the second major battle expansion for Scourge of War: Gettysburg, players will take command of the Union or Confederate forces during the battles of Antietam and South Mountain in September of Antietam became known as the first major battle to take place on Union soil and the single. Scourge of War: Antietam. The Antietam Map Pack is an add-on pack to Gettysburg that will be found in the Additional Battles Menu once installed. The full battles of Antietam and South Mountain have been meticulously researched and re-created. Welcome to Scourge of War - Waterloo, a real-time 3D computer game/simulation developed by NorbSoftDev, the company headed by renowned game designer Norb Timpko, designer of Mad Minute Games' acclaimed Take Command series. Scourge of War: Waterloo is the next generation of combat command.

Scourge of War Antietam Review. Featured Gameplay Scenario: None but Heroes are Left. A month ago I picked up Scourge of War Gettysburg, and I played it so often that I decided lets see what other titles are in the series. The next one I had in mind was Antietam. Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle in American history. Covers the Battles of Gettysburg,Chancellorsville, Antietam, Pipe Creek and Brandy Station, with all the scenarios of the series. • Highly accurate historical battlefield maps and general purpose battle maps; • Extensively researched historical order of battle for each day of the battle; • Multiplayer online combat in several. 20 Sep Scourge of War is the definitive American Civil War grand tactical wargame of this generation. With impressive 3D graphics, an award-winning AI, pausable real- time play, historical battlefield terrain and orders of battle down to the regiment and battery level, Scourge of War captures the tactical challenges.


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